In The Morning | A Hollywood Africans Feature Film

About The Film

“Visually and poetically arresting…looks and sounds like ‘The Big Chill’- if written by Zora Neale Hurston.”
The Philadelphia Inquirer

“A cinematic exploration of love that champions complex characters of color
and much more critical examinations of love at every stage of life.”
~ Okayplayer

“Nguvu crafts each relationship and character as its own poem.”
~ Shadow and Act

In The Morning is Nefertite Nguvu’s debut feature film about love and its inevitable change/decline. It charts the emotional anatomy of the lives, loves, infidelities, and enduring friendships of a group of inter-connected New Yorkers over the course of one day. Set in Brooklyn, In The Morning is a searing journey through the lives of nine smart, fiercely articulate New Yorkers. Photographed by award-winning cinematographer Arthur Jafa (‘Daughters Of The Dust,’ ‘Crooklyn’).

The film won the Audience Award for Best Feature Film and an Honorable Mention for Best Narrative Feature at Urban World Film Festival in New York City in 2014. In 2015, In The Morning won the jury award for Best Narrative Feature at Philadelphia’s BlackStar Film Festival, as well as the award for Best Feature Film and Best Overall at Atlanta’s Bronzelens Film Festival, and the jury award for Best International Film at Siena, Italy’s 19th annual Terra Di Siena Film Festival, with this declaration from the jury: “For the great ability in directing a convincing ensemble on sensitive matters such as love, friendship and marriage in modern times, with great skill and direction, penetrating into the depths of human soul.”

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